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Hummingbird Quartz-- Joyful Balance

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Hummingbird magic in my front yard

A quartz by any other name would smell as sweet......

(My apologies to Shakespeare)

UPDATED June 28, 2020.  If you want to skip the techie stuff and go straight to the juicy part just scroll down a ways. I hope you enjoy!  

So right off the bat let me say that Hummingbird Quartz is my own name for this remarkable quartz from Tanzania.  The trademarked name is Tanzurine, and comes in emerald and cherry flavors. You might also see this stone marketed as emerald quartz, cherry quartz, and red and green Tanzberry quartz so as not to infringe on the trademark.  But after a powerful vision with this stone followed by the input from our Crystal Wisdom Circle group, I stand by the name Hummingbird Quartz. More on that interesting experience in a bit.

So here are the scientific particulars of this quartz. Discovered in Tanzania in 2016, both varieties are found in long veins and are surface mined. Both colors contain mica and have a nice glittery quality (aventuresence, to be technical about it). Very pretty stuff! I have a write up by Judy Hall that says the red variety is colored by lithium and the green variety is colored by fuchsite (which is colored by chrome). You will see this info quite often on the web. However it differs from what the lab reports I have seen say.


"Emerald Quartz" and "Cherry Quartz"

I found this on Mindat which makes a lot more sense as we all found the red to be quite energizing, not what we would expect from a lithium based stone at all.

Red Tanzurine - a Quartz with aluminum, potassium, manganese, iron, phosphorous, and titanium plus other trace minerals. 

Green Tanzurine: a Quartz with iron, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous plus other trace minerals.

So that is the scoop that I have to share so far on the chemistry behind this stone. It really feels like a very special type of aventurine, to be honest.  I  like to have a good working knowledge of the geology and chemistry of a stone because it always bears out in the metaphysical properties. The mica component is particularly important because that mica is insulating and allows things to flow very freely and purely. These stones work gently but powerfully with the electrical system of the body, so this property translates directly from the physical to the metaphysical.  Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about mica:

Sheet mica is used principally in the electronic and electrical industries. ... Specifically, mica is unusual in that it is a good electrical insulator at the same time as being a good thermal conductor. The leading use of block mica is as an electrical insulator in electronic equipment.

(my note: Mica is also used as a lubricant that does not get hot under intense friction. Metaphysically this translates to being unruffled by the stress around you)

The most striking feature of this quartz is its ability to balance and bring a system to neutral very quickly. Simply holding a piece in each hand is enough to feel the shift.  I think balance is THE most important key word we came up with.  Some folks were waiting for "more" from it, but the job of Hummingbird Quartz is to bring the system into balance so the joy can flow through. Blocks are gently released, and the joy that is already there is free to come bubbling up to the surface and remain accessible.

From the perspective of its mica component and electricity, this quartz, when used in pairs of a red and a green, is an EXCEPTIONAL polarity balancer. The effects can be felt immediately. And every single person, sensitive to energy or not, who held these stones preferred the red in the left hand and the green in the right. Port (red like wine,left) and Starboard (green,right) for you nautical people out there. It made no difference if people were right handed or left handed the preference was the same. I even had a very sensitive friend who was right handed with naturally left polarity test them out and she got the same result--red on the left, green on the right. 

Judy Hall says that if a red and a green are placed over the heart the user will know immediately which one should be on top by the response of the heart, and that the energy forms an infinity sign  over the area. I experimented with this and had the same experience. She says they act as a natural pacemaker for the heart, regulating an erratic heartbeat, calming a pounding heart or stimulating a sluggish one. They act to balance the electrical system of the heart, allowing it to give and receive unconditional love and forgiveness. She also says that placing these 2 stones on the sternum relaxes and elongates the spine, and I found this to be true for myself as well. Ahhhhh. 

Although Judy's reading says these are great stones for insomnia, I did not notice any effect on my sleep, nor did anyone in our group, except one person who had them placed at either side of her pillow in reverse (red/right, green,/left). She said it felt very chaotic and she could not sleep at all! Once she corrected the placement her sleep was fine. Another property she attributes to this stone is a balancing effect for the autoimmune system, correcting either under or over activity.

Generally speaking, we all found the red variety to be very energetic, stimulating, and a charger, while the green is soothing, calming, and an opener. Together they are amazing, unlike anything I have experienced before.  They bring the body into a profound state of neutral, so that healing energy can be assimilated and the body can move forward. It is a different feeling that the experience of clearing blockages, but it is akin to it. I had 2 major personal breakthroughs the week I started working with these stones. And things just got better and better.I always work with the red and a green together. This quartz is all about dynamic balance, allowing the free flow of information and conscious processing so that gains can be integrated into everyday experience in a meaningful way. They offer a comprehensive balance to the entire field, affecting neurotransmitters, hormones, and neuropeptides, balancing all sensory systems and allowing higher knowledge to flow through unimpeded. They do not access this knowledge themselves, they prepare the way for you to open to grace and receive.

The Grid Experiment

To really put this quartz to the test I constructed 2 grids, one on either side of my bed, so that the red would be on my left and the green on my right as I slept (I also made a mixed grid just to check  the energy but it did not resonate for me at all). I activated the grids with the intention  "Please communicate your gifts and properties that are most appropriate and beneficial for me to share at this time, in a way that I can clearly understand. I ask that this be done with grace and ease for the highest good of all."  And then I was compelled to say "Amen" (in case you were wondering, they were on wooden nightstands, not Labradorite).

I activated the red grid, and immediately it sang a note. I sang it back, it raised its pitch. I sang back the new note and it stabilized. I felt a sweet joy arise. Then I activated the green grid. It also sang a note, very high pitched. I sang it back as best I could, it answered with a new note even higher pitched. I sang that back vibrationally, it was too high to physically sing. Then I was guided to connect the two grids together. I stood at the foot of the bed, and connected them together with an arcing motion. Back and forth. It occurred to me this is how the hummingbirds perform their "dance of love". As I remembered this an intense joy  filled the room, and I felt an up-shift of energy that seemed to apply to all the stones as a collective. Then I saw a giant hummingbird hovering over the bed, in the exact middle of the two grids. I had chills all up and down my spine, the feeling of pure joy was just amazing.  Then I remembered that a hummingbirds' wings move in a figure eight, an infinity sign. Wow. 

Now, to be truthful I had toyed with the name Hummingbird Quartz earlier on, simply because it was red and green, and had a sparkly sense of celebration to it. The only type of hummingbird we have here in Florida is the Ruby Throated Hummingbird, which has a green body and a red throat in the male of the species. so it made sense. The male Ruby Throateds align themselves to face the sun when they do their dance of love so their throat will catch the light and flash and hopefully impress the female.  It is very beautiful to watch, they arc like a rainbow right outside our front door.  It feels like a blessing bestowed. And ever since I started working with these stones, the hummingbird activity had really picked up at my house. Turns out, members of our circle had the same experience, there was even one person who has NEVER had a hummingbird at her house before who had them visiting during this time. 

So here is a little symbolism on hummingbirds that I looked up after all this transpired. The hummingbird holds the essence of joy, ecstasy, and balance. Ok, that got my attention in a hurry. Now add the fact of the infinity sign/figure eight pattern of its wing movement that allows it to move up/down, right/left, and hover in neutral.  OOOOOKAAAY!!!!!  Like I said, I stand by the name. They named themselves, and that is the best way. 

Hummingbirds are masters of balance and fearless joy. A quick internet search will reveal that they embody the energy of aggressive pursuit of joy and goals, playfulness, and lightness of being. They are swift and flexible, they stand strong, move quickly, and fly high to accomplish the "impossible" while keeping things light, playful, and enjoyable .I like it :).  I have a feeling that as we continue to explore these wonderful stones we will find exactly these qualities unfolding as we come into balance and live the lives we were always meant to live. 

Have you worked with these stones yourself?  Please comment on this blog and share your experiences! There is not a lot of information out there as of yet on these crystals so we are all pioneering together, and I would love to hear from you.


Please do not take anything in this blog or on this website as medical advice for any condition. This information is from my own experience and other trusted sources, but none of us are medical doctors and this is information is not intended to replace professional medical advice and care.

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