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Lisa Davis

Divine order, flow, patience, calm, and trust.


 Dumortierite provides a calm and peaceful sense of order. It opens us to trust in the Divine order of the universe and reminds us that all is well.

The key words for Dumortierite are calm, patience, trust, and courage during hardship. It facilitates a positive attitude in difficult circumstances, giving a sense of self control, self awareness, and understanding. It is a very organizing stone, helping to clear a scattered mind and improve self discipline.  It diminishes panic and fear, giving a sense of calm and harmony.  It is said to be a good stone for overcoming addictions, and to make tedious tasks more manageable. It is also said to be a stone to use to overcome an "insurmountable" problem.


Color-Mottled blue with white, gray, or brown flecks.  Sometimes reddish brown, pink or green. Occasionally violet. The beautiful blue color is due to a combination of manganese, zinc, and iron.
Structure- orthorhombic
Location- most plentiful in USA, Africa, and Brazil
Dumortierite was first described by a French Paleontologist, Eugene Dumortier, in France in 1881. 


In Africa the legends say that Dumortierite is petrified water. This is because it is  reportedly always found near water in that area of the world, but personally I think there is much more to it than that. When something becomes petrified, wood for example, the organic material is replaced with silica over eons. It is interesting to me they did not say it was frozen water, as many legends refer to clear quartz.  They call it petrified water. Like petrified wood, it is very grounding, calming, and stabilizing. And it is very colorful. Blue like water, it maintains the flowing and soothing properties of water.  It is a "soft" stone, as far as properties go, but as a mineral it is very hard and durable. In industry it is used to make spark plugs and porcelain because it is so hard. Metaphysically this is a great correspondence, it can help us to take the heat gracefully..

This crystal works to soothe the limbic system of the brain. It allows the limbic system to relax, harmonizing the heart and the head. This balancing seems to occur via the throat chakra. Dumortierite opens and cleanses the throat chakra, allowing the wisdom of the heart to flow freely to the brain. Higher/lower, physical/spiritual aspects come into balance. When the brain has access to the wisdom of the heart, suddenly things don't look so bad.  We are calm, we get inspiration and guidance, and we can hear it and act upon it. This crystal "takes the significance out" of a problem.  It calms or eliminates the over-emotional state and breaks the limbic system "trauma loop" that keeps the stress intact and perpetuates overwhelm.  By synchronizing the head and the heart, a coherent resonant field can emerge.

Dumortierite is a very tactile stone, people are naturally drawn to stroke it over the body and wear it next to the skin.  Its energy feels smooth and velvety. Several of us who were working with this stone independently discovered that by placing and gently stroking Dumortierite directly on the skin where there was pain or spasm the discomfort immediately disappeared.  It was described as miraculous! It practically begs to go with you everywhere and be next to the skin.

People with an affinity for water are naturally drawn to this stone, and people who are working with this stone seem to develop quite an affinity for water! Artists will notice they are painting water, exploring water based techniques, etc. while working with Dumortierite. Many people notice a strong relationship with the 528hz frequency, which is said to clear polluted water. People who have never heard of the 528 hz frequency (said to be the love or miracle note in the solffegio tones)  are suddenly learning about it and exploring it spontaneously  after spending time with Dumortierite. Coooool!

It has been reported that Dumortierite reduces nausea and vomiting,seasickness, and is helpful for headache and sunburn from overexposure to the sun. It is also said to be useful to healers to help find the root cause of disease, and to be calming for hypersensitivity. Given its effect on the limbic system this makes sense to me.

Dumortierite has become a very good friend of mine, helping with restful sleep and peaceful centering during daily activities and challenges. It combines particularly well with howlite, magnesite, and black lava. Clear quartz is a great amplifier when added to these combinations for an even more steady sense of calm.


Rough exterior surface of a Dumortierite slice from Africa


Disclaimer-The information presented in this publication is based on my personal observations and experience, the experiences of our Wisdom Circle members, and various online resources that I personally resonate with. I am not a doctor and I do not play one on TV.  Nothing in this post or on this website is meant to replace the advice of a qualified medical professional and good common sense. Please do not reach for a crystal for healing when you need to see a doctor!

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