The Missing Link-Pele Lemurians and The Ancient Etched Lemurians

The Missing Link-Pele Lemurians and The Ancient Etched Lemurians

A Little Background

The Pele Lemurians, sometimes called Black Lemurians (some of the first group were actually a true morion), surfaced in Cristalina, Goiás, Brazil, in the summer of 2020. They are a deep caramel citrine with very dark smoky phantoms and multiple deeply etched star languages.  The find was originally divided between 4 miners. The first 2 miners sold their shares that summer, a large parcel that was split between myself and another shop.  I did not buy any from the third miners share, which were partly polished, but when the fourth miner recently decided to let his go I purchased a selection of them together with Michelle from The Rock Cellar. Needless to say I am thrilled! This group is in beautiful condition and is truly spectacular.  For the time being these are the last that are available.  

Michelle has written a great blog article based on her experience with these amazing crystals that takes the information of the Pele Lemurians to an entirely new level. It makes connecting with these beings wide open to possibilities! If you are curious about how these crystals got their name, Soul of Lemuria (the other original purchaser) has recently released that information in a blog post along with more background from her experience.  I hope these many perspectives are helpful to you as you begin your own journey with these remarkable and very unusual crystals. 

The Pele/Ancient Connection

Many people have noticed that the Peles and the Ancients are strongly connected and play very well together.  Even though they are from different regions entirely (the Ancients are from Diamantina, and the Peles are from Cristalina), the energetic connection has been undeniable. They are wonderful companions for each other, and the family of companions will surely expand for each individual as they work with the energies of the Peles. 

A few months ago I made a discovery that pretty much blew my mind.  I noticed some markings on two of the very earliest of the Ancients in my collection that I had never seen before. I am seeing the relationship to the Peles along a continuum over two Ancients, and as far as I know it phased out entirely in any of the later Ancients that came out. 

The video below was made on the spur of the moment, right after I discovered these markings and their implications.  I hope if has enough flow in spite of my excitement that it makes sense to you!  

Michelle brings up an interesting point about the Orion starbrary and companion crystals in her recent blog, and I feel like this is a springboard. Many starbraries require companion crystals to fully access their coding, and something is definitely stirring with Orion right now. When I read that reference in her article my heart skipped a beat. Just putting that out there because I know I am not the only one who is feeling this.  I have a group of Orion Lemurians that have been calling lately, and I think the time has come to release them. Stay tuned!

I am looking forward to hearing your experiences with the Pele Lemurians in light of this new perspective.  Everything continues to evolve, and it is so nice to share the journey with like minded souls, Please share in the comments below, or message me via email or on Instagram  (It is helpful if you message me to let me now you commented so I can approve it. This way it keeps the bots at bay).




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