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Super Saturated Scarlet Temple Lemurians

Lisa Davis dreamsicle lemurian red lemurian scarlet temple strawberry lemurian

These little beauties are really exceptional, and I just came across them as I was packing up to move! ¬†If you missed them the last time I offered them on Instagram, here is a great second chance at some very affordable and very cute little ones ūüėä. ¬†

                                         super saturated scarlet temple

Neon Orange Scarlet Temple Lemurian


These are the most vivid Scarlet Temples I have ever seen! They are quite a bit different from the Scarlets that I have seen in the past. There is a glassy coating of second growth that makes the colors very bright and amplifies the properties significantly. The second growth is like an overcoat, very similar to the Dreamcoat and Unity Lemurians, and a few of them even have open backs and druse.  As it turns out, this particular group was found only (approximately) 60 miles away from the site where the Dreamcoat and Unity Lemurians  are mined, near the city of Cristalina in Brazil. So that accounts for a lot of the a lot the magic of these colorful beauties and their amplified energetics.

                                             super saturated scarlet temple lemurians

I offered the larger pieces from this group on Instagram several months ago, and they sold out very quickly. I am in the process of packing and moving (we have outgrown our current space)  and I have just found my stash of smaller pieces I had tucked away.  I am so pleased to have them back in stock! These are fantastic for gridding, jewelry making, or for pocket rocks. (P.S.-I have recently purchased some incredible larger pieces and clusters from a more recent find from the same location, if you are interested in them follow me @thelemurianrose for updates!)

Properties and Lab Testing

Scarlet Temple Lemurians (also commonly called Strawberry Lemurians) have all the spiritual information and codes that are typical of Lemurian Seed crystals with an added benefit. The hematite that gives them their lovely color also serves to ground the spiritual information encoded within the crystal and assists with integration of the energies on the earth plane. The color can range from pale pink to dark red, as even the occasional golden and lilac specimens.  In my experience the darker the colors have a more pronounced yang component.  

I had this particular group lab tested and the geologist shared that the development of the hematite coloring depended on where the crystals were located in the pocket. The ones that grew up from the bottom are the more red, and the ones that grew down from the top  are more of the purple/lilac.  So interesting! 

Judy Hall suggests meditating with a pinkish, feminine crystal in the receptive hand (which is the left for most right handed people), and a more intense red masculine crystal in the sending hand (the right hand for most right handed people). I tried this and it was very profound. I felt super well grounded, and simultaneously in a perfectly balanced state of incredible expansion. Highly recommended!

According to her website these crystals are superb energy re-chargers and are great for boosting self confidence and helping us to embody our souls' passion on our earth journey.


                                       dreamsicle scarlet temple

Golden Scarlet Temple Dreamsicle

Also in this group are a sub type of Scarlet Temple called Dreamsicle (not to be confused with Dreamcoat!). Scarlet Temples are relatively rare, and Dreamsicles are even more rare. The Dreamsicles have a beautiful white coating over the top, and usually it is easy to feel little "scales" in the texture. This particular group often has a glassy coating over the Dreamsicle, which creates a smooth surface and seems to both amplify and cohere the properties .

Judy Hall , author of The Crystal Bible 1-3 and many other crystal resources, considers the Dreamsicles to be a completely new level of Scarlet Temple, with multiple portals to other worlds that "shimmer with energy".  In her experience they span many levels and dimensions, and she uses them to anchor Star Being grids to bring forward information prior to the birth of our present universe. She also makes the point that they anchor and ground this information, just like the regular Scarlets, due to the hematite.  My experience has been similar, I definitely feel a higher vibration overall from the Dreamsicles. 






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