Starbraries- Part One-Guest Blog Post

Starbraries- Part One-Guest Blog Post

 Topaz Spirits-- Guest Blog Post 

I am so happy to bring you this series of articles written by Jan Haerer of Topaz Spirits and re-printed here with her permission. Jan has extensive experience with many varieties of Starbraries  and her work has been my go-to reference as I have been finding my own way with these crystals. Her channelings and philosophy  resonates with me, and has provided me with a great springboard for further exploration. 

Her articles are in depth and so I am dividing them into segments and I will publish them as a series with identifying tags to make it easier to locate specific information using the search function. I have put certain key words in bold face type to make them easier to spot for quick reference, but other than that this material is exactly as she wrote it.  I hope you enjoy!

June 20, 2015-- Topaz Spirits Spring Newsletter

The background as channeled through Mirahh (a lovely tangerose Cassiopeian starbrary)

First, I want to make one statement: Melody did not write a thing about starbraries. Nowhere in any of Melody's books or publications will you see it mentioned. This is to put on the record that although Melody is a great source about crystal information, she is not the only source and you should trust your instincts as to whether or not the information resonates for you. Read a variety of sources so that you develop perspective. In any case, what I am seeing now is an increase in starbrary glyphs that are quite different from the ones originally channeled. In particular, the lightning strike quartz are incredible. These are quartz that grew in places that sustained a number of lightning strikes. Some of the strikes literally damaged the quartz through the eons; the most ancient strikes have healed while the new ones show the raw scars yet. None the less, the pattern is distinctive and it occurred to me that these are a special starbrary. The starbrary glyphs were created by electrical patterns, thus encoding them with information, much the same way computer chips are encoded today. Quartz is piezoelectric meaning that it conducts electricity when under pressure (that is why it is used in watches). The warmth of your hand creates enough energy to activate it, so certainly electricity from whatever source will do the same. I am still working with the lightning strike information, but wow, there is a lot there to decode and utilize - this is an important addition to the starbrary collection.


Starbraries are recognized by the presence of glyph-like markings, symbols and geometric patterns plus usually a doorway or key. By aligning fingers with the doorways or keys, you can unlock different layers, depending on orientation. Companion crystals are important - they either come with the crystal (purchased with or given with) or appear shortly thereafter. They don't have to be quartz, but work with the main crystal to unlock different layers or even gain access to the crystal itself. All Starbraries work like that - the companions facilitate access, although it's possible to gain access just from the Starbrary itself.


There are at least six different peoples who left crystal records. The most sought after are the maps, histories and legends of the people of the Cassiopeia system. They are recognized by more flowing lines and symbols along the sides of the crystal. While they often manifest key markings, they don't always, but there will always be different and comfortable ways to hold the crystal, facilitating the opening of the many layers. These are the most detailed crystals and contain huge amounts of information - like encyclopedias, although even more in depth.


Another type features more geometric symbols (triangles, squares, circles, etc.) along the sides, often with profound keys and sometimes have a sort of holographic look as the symbols blend with Lemurian lines. These contain information from the Pleiades. These first two types are the most important and are the basis for most of the Atlantean and Lemurian recollections.


The next type of Starbrary shows more linear patterns, rather like a combination of the first two. The peoples leaving these records came from the Leo systems and the information contained within these crystals is more historical information: names, dates, weather, etc. They contain much factual information and not as philosophical as the first two.


Another type is a series of indented triangles and dashes - a kind of Morse Code. These are often called "cosmic crystals" and they resemble a meteor shower. They are read by the "dots" and dashes and arise from a system in the Little Dipper (Ursa Minor).


Another type is the titanium-included quartz with the deep ridges and furrows that create definite glyphs in the faces of the crystal. It is the only Starbrary that is marked in the faces rather than the sides. These arose from the Orion system and of all starbraries, these benefit most from companion crystals. The information contained in them is very, very detailed and the companions help make it both attainable and understandable. These crystals were of great importance to the Native American cultures.


The last is a slightly different type in that they are almost always double or multi-terminated. They have keys, but these keys are sometimes quite tiny. The critical thing about these is the sides appear to be layered, similar to a Lightbrary, but with no raised face/termination. It's as if the multi-terminated crystals overgrew the main one. These come from Andromeda peoples and these appear to be connected to crystals of the Cassiopeia or Pleiades peoples. They often appear as companions leading to speculation that there may have been collaboration among the peoples.


All of the starbrary formations hold information of peoples who had a positive influence on human growth and evolution. The records were left here so that in the event of catastrophe, there would be a permanent record to help Earth rebuild. Starbraries were placed in many locations so the records could be accessed by peoples all over the world. There are sets of crystals - like chapters or series. When one comes to you, all of a sudden, you will find many more. It is important to ask the order to read them.


  Below is Mirahh.

This newsletter will be continued in the next blog post. There is a wealth of information and pictures detailing many different glyphs, and I am looking forward to sharing the next segment with you! 
Many Blessings,
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Hi Lisa – I am fairly new to Lemurians, thank you for your info. Can I use a 5lb or a 10lb Lemurian to help heal my physical ailments. I have 3 Lemurians that are approx 5lbs each and another one that is 10lbs. Three of them are multi-terminated on one end including the 10lb one which has approx 11 points.
Any information is appreciated.
Thank you

Lori Cummings

This is amazing. Thank you for sharing this information so I can start to understand my crystals at a deeper level. I’ve been googling for weeks now and could never find information this knowledgeable about understanding the language in the crystal. Honestly this is impressive and it would be so much fun if you did some kind of live call and talk about what you’ve leaned. But seriously thank you lady’s so much for all of your indirect helping and healing. 🙏🏽


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