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Update! What's in a Name?--Pink Amethyst and Bahia Jasper

Lisa Davis Bahia jasper eye of the storm judys jasper pink amethyst Rio Grande Do Sul update

If you have purchased either Pink Amethyst or Bahia Jasper (more commonly known as Judy's Jasper and also called Eye of the Storm) from me in the past you may remember that I originally listed the mine location on your invoice as Bahia, Brazil. This was based on the original information given to my supplier by his supplier at that time. 

After many conversations and growing curiosity around this material's location, my suppliers fantastic detective work eventually revealed that the mine for Pink Amethyst and Bahia Jasper (both Judy's Jasper and the newly mined Red Bahia Jasper) is actually in a city called Ametista Do Sul in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul. Looking at the map below, you can see that this location is over 2300 kilometers away from the State of Bahia.  It was definitely time for an update to the shop records and important to share these details because neither Pink Amethyst nor Bahia Jasper is from Bahia!

We are not exactly sure why the mine location was given as Bahia, but our best guess is that it was done to protect the location of the find. This is not unheard of, and illustrates why I prefer to buy more directly whenever possible. In this case, the material was not purchased directly through the mine but through an intermediary supplier who sold it to my supplier, who is also my trusted friend.

Since the original find of Pink Amethyst was in Argentina, this confirmed location in the extreme southern portion of Brazil which borders Argentina makes a lot of sense.

In summary, Brazilian Pink Amethyst and both types of Bahia Jasper  (Judy's Jasper and Red Bahia Jasper) all come from the same mine in the extreme southern portion of Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul.  Thank you so much for reading, and sharing the ever unfolding story of this beautiful material.  Update accomplished!

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming 😂

P.S.- If you would like to have look at this gorgeous material and learn about the properties of each,  I have put up my remaining Pink Amethyst and Judy's Jasper as video sales. Enjoy! 



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