Updated-Pink Amethyst and Judy' s Jasper (Bahia Jasper)

Updated-Pink Amethyst and Judy' s Jasper (Bahia Jasper)

A Little Background

Updated December 2022-If you have purchased either Pink Amethyst or Judy's Jasper (also commonly known as Bahia Jasper and Eye of the Storm) from me in the past you may remember that I originally listed the mine location on your invoice as Bahia, Brazil. This was based on the original information given to my supplier by his supplier at that time, and is still the commonly accepted information on the internet regarding this material. However........

After many conversations and growing curiosity around this material's location, my suppliers fantastic detective work eventually revealed that the mine for Pink Amethyst and Judy's Jasper (as well as the  newly mined "Red Bahia Jasper") is actually in a city called Ametista Do Sul in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul. Looking at the map below, you can see that this location is over 2300 kilometers away from the State of Bahia.  It was definitely time for an update to the shop records and important to share these details because neither Pink Amethyst nor Judy's Jasper/Bahia Jasper is actually from Bahia.

We are not exactly sure why the mine location was given as Bahia, but our best guess is that it was done to protect the location of the find. This is not unheard of, and illustrates why I prefer to buy more directly whenever possible. In this case, the material was not purchased directly through the mine but through an intermediary supplier who sold it to my supplier, who is also my trusted friend. 

UPDATE-I have recently learned that the more precise location of this mine is near the city of Planalto, on a reservation belonging to the Kaingangues Indians. Some rough is exported, but for sales inside Brazil it is my understanding that all mining and cutting is done on the premises, and the tribal Elders deal with a few select suppliers who purchase and then re-sell to other dealers. This explains why most of this material is not available through direct purchase. 

I have also been shown photographs of huge Pink Amethyst nodules being cut. I have not seen any images circulating of what this material looks like in the rough, so here is a really cool inside scoop!  


Since the original find of Pink Amethyst was in Argentina, this confirmed location in the extreme southern portion of Brazil which borders Argentina makes a lot of sense.

Metaphysical Properties of Judy's Jasper

Judy's Jasper is an unusual  jasper and agate conglomerate mined in the southernmost region of Brazil,  occasionally found in combination with Pink Amethyst.  

 Judy's Jasper is one of my all time favorite crystals-- extremely powerful, immediate in its effects, and  very beautiful !  And what  perfect timing for such a stabilizing crystal to surface again. 

I have been working with this crystal since it first came out, and have purchased several personal pieces for myself and my clients over the years  whenever I could find them. It was typically the first crystal I would recommend for anxiety, stress, panic, or illness.  It is also a fantastic meditation aid.  

When this crystal was initially sent to Judy Hall for her read on it, and she was given the name "Eye of the Storm" when she tuned in to it.  A perfect name for the properties it possesses!  That is the name she prefers, however, It has affectionately come to be known as Judy's Jasper, as It immediately  became one of her very favorite crystals. 

Here are Judy's comments in brief:

The Eye of the Storm: creates a calm, strong central core nothing can shake.

Facilitates seeing the bigger picture. Enables fully informed decisions and recognition of potential opening up.

Contains dynamic raw energy on which to draw.

Acts as a life support system for oneself or the planet. The world becomes lighter, brighter, more balanced.

Reprograms any sense of loss or lack into positive abundance.

Sustains during serious illness. It encourages growth of healthy cells via etheric DNA.

Stress reliever, it switches off ‘fight or flight’ response. Promotes natural detox on all levels

My experience with Judy's Jasper was immediate and powerful.  Like entering a vacuum in deep space.  Everything got QUIET. I was in a state of dynamic stillness. It definitely felt like I was resting in the very center of my being, where all was well.  It bypasses the fight or flight response, and the limbic system never really gets the memo to engage.  From this vantage point I could make choices instead of react. I truly could see the big picture, and this is a fairly common observation.

It is a very grounding and stabilizing crystal, and resonates primarily with the root chakra, but due to the wide variety of colors each piece is unique and offers varying degrees of support to the rest of the chakra system. It has been said that this stone is very effective for both physical and mental detoxification, and that is capable of preventing illness and disease. Because it takes you to your center, where all wellness, abundance, and good things flow, this makes perfect sense to me. The longer we can nourish ourselves in the space of our true nature, the more benefit we will reap in all areas of our lives. 

Having said that, please see a doctor if you need medical care. Crystals are not a substitute  for professional medical treatment.  Take your crystals with you if you like, they are great support, but they do not replace your medical care providers. 


In summary, Brazilian Pink Amethyst and both types of Bahia Jasper  (Judy's Jasper and Red Bahia Jasper) both come from the same mine in the extreme southern portion of Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande Do Sul. They do not come from Bahia, and now you are an informed crystal buyer!  Thank you so much for reading, and sharing the ever unfolding story of this beautiful material.  Update accomplished!

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming 😂

P.S.- If you would like to have look at this gorgeous material and learn about the properties of each,  I have put up my remaining Pink Amethyst and Judy's Jasper as video sales. Enjoy! 



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