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Pele's Dream, A Stellar Gateway Crystal-Guest Blog Post

Pele's Dream, A Stellar Gateway Crystal-Guest Blog Post

Pele's Dream, A Stellar Gateway Crystal

Guest blog post from Michelle from The Rock Cellar

Pele's Dream Lemurians aka Black Lemurians come from a small mine alongside a beautiful waterfall in the Topaz Mountains in Cristalina, Goias, Brazil. The find was very small, and these are the last. They had been held back by one of the miners who finally decided to release them in December 2021. Lisa, who owns The Lemurian Rose was kind enough to ask if I wished to share these last remaining pieces with her, and OF COURSE I said yes!!

These beautiful Lemurians are a deep smoky citrine with growth interference, phantoms, keys, imprints, timelines, and multiple types of Starbrary markings. Most carry Hydra markings and many are Master Starbraries (meaning they carry markings from a number of star systems). When you look closely at these, you may surprisingly find rainbows, and red flower-like inclusions of hematite or white inclusions which appear to be a calcite or perhaps feldspar. Some will even contain small hairs of golden rutile. So please take some time and explore.  As a smoky citrine, they are balancing, quietly protective, and can be a powerful manifestation stone.

Metaphysically both The Lemurian Rose and Soul of Lemuria have provided information that you may wish to read. My thoughts are slightly different although similar in some areas. They appear to be an Activation Crystal and an Access Crystal. What I mean by this I will discuss below. They will sit quietly until truly called upon, at which time, their energy becomes quite powerful. I also feel that many are to be used with another crystals, which aligns with the fact that many of these have rutile inclusions (titanium) and Starbrary markings from Orion. (I won't go into that here, google is your friend.)

I don't often go out on a limb like this to discuss my personal experience, and tend to limit that to private discussions, but, I really wanted to share why I think these are so special. I didn't resonate with the explanation of a compassionate Pele as was experienced by Lisa and others. I felt instead a warm, purely balanced energy, neither feminine or masculine. I say balancing and not grounding as it's a feeling of solidity and stability. You can tell there is a connection into the Earth and into the Cosmos. The energy felt like it terminated in the Earth Star Chakra and above the Crown. I'm not sure what your experience is with stones, but, whether it's the human tendency to ascribe human traits to things, or that crystals actually do have personalities, these did not have a "personality" like I'm used to feeling. It was neutral, more like holding a powerful tool.

I'll be quite honest, I knew little of the Upper Chakras, but when working with these I envisioned a deep golden light above the Crown, and a barrier. I had an overwhelming belief that this was an Access Crystal, and was to be used to break through that barrier to access information that otherwise would not be available to us. When using with other crystals, I felt that they would activate the energies in those stones, and the access to information would go beyond what you would normally achieve by using that stone alone.

So I started to dig, and when I read about the Stellar Gateway, that was it. Talk about a powerful confirmation of what I was feeling. I knew nothing about the Stellar Gateway prior to this research, and what I saw and felt was exactly what was being described. The Stellar Gateway's purpose is to prevent or allow access to your infinite energy and complete understanding. Some believe that it is where your soul self resides. It is a gateway, and it exists so that we are not overloaded with energy and universal truths and knowledge that we could not comprehend or manage. That was what I was feeling from this stone. Not even a question. So I'm calling it an Access Crystal because it opens that gateway. Upon opening, it works like an electric transformer; a passive thing, that stands between you and these upper energies/knowledge, and steps down the "voltage levels", in this case the energies or ideas that we could not otherwise handle or comprehend. It transforms these messages, ideas, information, or even connection to spirit, gods, angels (whatever you believe in) into something we can understand and physically manage. Some people naturally have this ability to some extent, but most do not, and even the ones that do can use this to enhance those abilities.

As I mentioned, I believe these are a tool. They will help you to access either what you seek or what you need. That may be one-in-the-same or it may not, and also this explains why so many have not connected to the compassionate Pele experienced by others. It's not what they seek or need. Each persons experience will be different, unique, solely theirs. I believe we will all feel the same warmth, balance, "grounding" or strength/stability, but thats where the similarities may stop. When using these, remain open to the unexpected, so that you can truly experience what you are meant to find. For some, it may provide an opportunity to co-create with the universe your reality.

It's that simple and that profound.

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