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The Metaphysical Properties of Rutilated Quartz

Lisa Davis divine light metaphysical properties rutile

Ahhh rutile!!  What's not to love?  Beautiful shimmering shafts of light dancing like fireflies, happy uplifting energy, and wide variety of colors! Did you know that each color of rutile has specific metaphysical properties?  No?  Then read on!

The Short Answer

For me, the short answer when describing the metaphysical properties of any variety of rutilated quartz is that it is an antenna for all things good. It is a strong attractor of divine light and a very uplifting and energizing material to work with. My early experience with rutile was not with rutile in quartz--it was many years ago as a potter.  Rutile is commonly used as a component for glaze making, and gives pottery a wonderful surface character.  Even then it was definitely "all things good", its effects are beautiful!   

silver rutile

Heavy Silver Rutile

The Long Answer

Rutile is a common mineral composed of titanium dioxide, as are its relatives anatase and brookite.  It gets it name from the Latin rutilus, meaning "red".  It is used in many commercial applications, from pottery glazes to polarized sunglasses and sun screens. Isn't it interesting that a mineral so well known metaphysically for its protective properties is used to physically protect us from the suns harmful rays? I love finding these parallels! 

red rutile

Heavy Red Rutile

Rutile is most commonly found in a golden color, and can vary in structure from thick straight bundles of fibers to fine wavy and diffuse fibers known as angel hair, and is sometimes called the hair of Venus. However, rutile can also be found in red, black, green, silver, and blue.  The iron content is highest in the gold and the red ( about 10%) and lowest in blue.  Other contributing trace elements are niobium ( which contributes to the blue coloring) and tantalum. 

golden rutile

  Heavy Golden Rutile


Here is a brief list, in order of rarity, of the colors of rutile in quartz and the metaphysical properties commonly associated with each color. All colors are considered to be protective and amplifying  (This information also applies to Sagenite (of Sassure), a type of acicular twinned rutile).

Golden Rutile--Connection to the higher mind, enhances creativity. Relieves fears and phobias, and is said to illuminate the soul, lift the mood, and provide protection from psychic attack (when our mood is elevated, we vibrate higher, and we are not vulnerable to interference from lower vibrations). 

Red--Warm, positive, and activating.  Also considered to be protective, red rutile has a high iron content and supports grounded and inspired forward motion, providing the energy to see a task to completion. It has a modulating energy, providing fire when necessary for action, and 'fighting fire with fire' when a more settled approach is needed. 

Black--Purification, awakens latent talents. Said to bring good luck and victory in all pursuits. Helpful in decision making, providing clarity of mind as well and connection to intuition. Frequently used as an amulet.

Green--Connection to the true feelings, healing wounds of the heart and the mind. Said to be beneficial for those who are sensitive and easily stressed.  Helpful to realize the true path to ones future happiness.

Silver--Mental clarity and agility, perseverance. A strong antenna for dreams and visions. Said to sustain hope and to restore vitality. Assists in achieving dreams and goals.

Blue--Clear communication, assists healthy relationships. Said to aid understanding of another's point of view, and to help build trust in relationships. Also said to be calming to the mind and stress relieving. 

I hope this serves as a useful reference. Of course, none of this is a substitute for medical advice.  Please see my disclaimer. Thank you for reading! 



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