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Lemurians, Serendipity, and Synchronicity

Lisa Davis guidance heart lemurian magic magical meditate meditation path serendipity synchronicity

It never ceases to amaze me how things work out when I meditate (be) more and I do less. And when I mediate with a Lemurian crystal, the things that happen throughout the day are simply astonishing, even in my world! The adage “Let go and let God” comes to mind, especially when it comes to designing this website. I certainly have my ideas and preferences. But these crystals are so very conscious, and when I ask for guidance and meditate with them, I am constantly reminded to drop my agenda, listen, and follow the guidance that comes throughout the day.
With their help, I’m more aware of pitfalls and distractions. I receive more magical emails and phone calls from just the right people at just the right time. I’m so fortunate to have this kind of high-level, customized guidance in my life! My job is a matchmaker—helping crystals find their people and people find their crystals. Because these crystals want to find their people, it really makes sense to tune into them and follow the flow.

Sometimes I get so caught up in this deadline or that deadline that I feel like I’m behind if I deviate from my to-do list. I’m a fantastic procrastinator: it’s one of my best qualities! Then, I get to beat myself up for being distracted. But when I let go of all of that, I can see how my guidance was nudging me along my path-- a path with heart. The plan that I had can wait. This is important too. And when it suddenly all fits together, it is truly magical.

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