Guest Blog Post-- When Crystals Have “Accidents” – What Does it Mean?

Guest Blog Post-- When Crystals Have “Accidents” – What Does it Mean?

I have followed Tania Marie for quite a while, her work always seems to magically appear when I need to see it, and resonates deeply. So I was thrilled when she graciously gave her permission to share her work on my site. I cannot see re-inventing the wheel on this topic when she has already said it so well. I hope you enjoy her insights as much as I do. 

When Crystals Have “Accidents” – What Does it Mean?

UPDATED NOTE 2017: This blog article I shared back in 2012 is one of my most popular ones and continues to receive an influx of comments and messages, including personal stories and inquiries due to experiencing “accidents” or even loss of crystal friends. I’m so happy the share has been so supportive to many, as it seems that a lot of people are having experiences that are drawing them to the article, indicating a shared experience of shifts and crystal re-gridding work taking place collectively. I also want to add that while I’m so pleased that many have found peaceful solace in this share (my original intention), it was meant as a simple share of my personal experience prompted by an actual client’s question that others may find comfort and connection with for their own. Although many ask my advice, I am not offering readings, intuitive sessions/coaching via this article, nor do I claim to have all the answers or to be psychic. Every case is individual and relative to your experience. While I, or anyone else may be able to intuit something, take time to reflect and review all aspects of your experience to retrieve a pattern, theme, or a possibility, I highly always encourage you to trust your own instincts, as within most all of the questions I receive, I also see the answers you are overlooking because of that lack of self-trust we all go through along our journey or perhaps not investing the valuable time to reflect upon and ask those questions to yourself and your crystal. If I’m able to support anything, I hope it is a support of that self-trust and cultivating learning to listen to the answers you have within you. I get tons of questions, not just from this article, but others and other aspects of my work, that I hope you can understand that I can’t possibly answer everything nor in any full length, besides the fact that a lot of questions imply what would normally be an official, paid, intuitive session by someone like myself or another who offers that kind of work. I love helping others, but I feel the best way to do that is to empower you. I’ve seen this post become a wonderful collective community for sharing experiences that are wide-spread, but also seems to have become a place people may feel is an offering of more than the scope of what the share was and how it was intended. Sending you all so much love to self-nurture you into your highest potentials and empowered embodiment of trust for the truth you have within.

And now on to the original blog article:

I receive questions often about the effects of “damage” to a crystal, as we all now and then can have what appear to be “accidents” or wake up to new discoveries with our crystal friends. Today, after receiving another loving inquiry, I felt it important to share a little on this and what I imparted to my client to support her with the answers she was seeking. I hope what I share will be helpful to others also seeking sense of peace with their dear crystalline companions who may have recently gone through a transition.

The question I received was regarding a new crystal pendant that this sweet client purchased and “accidentally” dropped, leaving a small scratch in the crystal. She noticed the crystal seemed to be vibrating after and she felt sad and very bad that perhaps the fall had disorganized her energy.

What I shared with her was this:

I know that things like this can be devastating to us (I have had several precious crystals fall and crack, chip, break, etc.), but I learned over the years that these are not coincidences and that there is purpose and meaning to why this happens and that there is actually nothing wrong.

Crystals are like us..they have personalities and they go through transitions and shifts in their experience of life. Some crystals will change color, form, chip on their own without a trigger by us, or grow new inclusions inside. This is because they, too, are changing and growing and they need a new form to match. Sometimes they also create a fracture or opening so that they can draw in energy through that fissure, like a portal or gateway, to help them vibrate at a new energy level – that in turn provides us with the ability to access the same, as they support us in our lives. Sometimes it’s to release pressure, and other times it’s because they are correcting their form, feeling a different one is more suitable and comfortable for their energy and may not have liked the form they were cut into or outgrew it. Like we grow out of a pair of pants if they become too tight or too loose, for instance and need to get a new pair of pants that feel comfortable. Or when we cut our hair to match our energy and new style.

And in relation to us, when they do something like this it can many times mean that we are working with the energy of forgiveness or perfection, for instance, in our lives and they are mirroring this for us, as they are our reflective, loving friends. They may also be trying to get our attention about something needing change in our life. So you can take a look at your life and see where you might be shifting yourself or have disregarded a nudge, where you may be needing to let off some steam (interesting my client was headed to the sauna as this happened) and release things, or needing a little extra love, letting go and relaxing, or forgiving – whether of self or others.

I don’t fix crystals, as in smoothing out scratches, rebuffing them or shaping them. There are those out there that can, but I wouldn’t necessarily trust just anyone to be doing what is in the best interest of the crystal unless they are in tune with and can communicate with them, otherwise they may create “actual” damage. It’s best when we can learn to accept and love the perfection within imperfection and receive the gifts that are hidden to those unable to “see.” My take is that there is purpose in their doing so and they are happy in their new form. It’s only we who need to learn to accept and love ourselves and others as unconditionally as they do.

hope this helps a little. I’ve been through this a lot, as I said, and coming to understand this has made a great deal of difference for me in embracing that everything happens for a reason and then I just find more love in my heart to give.

I have shared photos of one of the several crystal friends I have that has gone through this. These are images of a very beloved and special Lemurian I have that slightly slid out of my hands and hit the corner of my nightstand, then fell to the carpeted ground. When I picked her up to check her out, I found this newly created rainbow reflective portal. She previously had none, just like the other corners you see. The area did not break off, or chip, but the impact created a rainbow fracture or platelet (that to me feels to be like a new growth she birthed) that now acts as this doorway to a whole other level of experience and energy. It could very well have completely broken off, but instead she created a new layer to her vibration.

I have others that have chipped and broken off and know others who have completely shattered into pieces. They are living beings just like us and go through shifts same as we do. Life is about the experience.

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I’ve had a precious and powerful Himalayan Quartz Crystal drop and break into pieces (twice). When I asked it, why they broke, they told me, we didn’t break, we multiplied because it is needed for the job they need to do next. So, I had to get over my judgment of imperfection to allow them to do the work they will do next.


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