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Guest Blog Post-Crystal Stone Grids: What’s the Point?

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My good friend Stacie Coller has graciously given her permission to re-post her blogs on crystal gridding. Stacie's work has been my primary inspiration from the very start, and I am thrilled to share it here is in its original form, straight from the source.  In my opinion, Stacie is the queen of crystal grids; it was she who pioneered the practice ( in the 1990's!) of gridding on a seed of life template with radial lines added. Stacie is the retail manager at Enter The Earth in Asheville, NC, and the author of "Awake in Angelscape" currently going into its second printing. Her instagram handle is @wooeymommawares.

Also--Stacie and I  are currently collaborating on a custom design for her empathic heart support discs for the shop, so stay tuned! More great stuff from this awesome lady is on the way.

Photo credit Christopher Lee Matthews and Stacie Coller

Crystal Stone Grids: What’s the Point?

by Stacie Coller

Sure, they are pretty, but if you are not very familiar with the use of grids, you may be wondering, What’s the point?

Ok, I want you to consider for a moment that each type of stone is like a musical note. They are vibrational, after all, and I feel them with the same kind of hum that I feel with music, so it’s a good enough analogy.

When you work with stones, the basic point is to use the energy/vibration of the stone to help adjust your own energy in some way.  Maybe something in your system is out of whack, and a particular note/tone, or set of notes, will help your own personal song, or system, get back in tune or to be in greater harmony.

People attune to the energy of a stone in all sorts of different ways. It’s easy to attune to a single stone. You just have to carry it around, be near it, or meditate with it. Whatever. But if you have an issue that you have identified that is complex, or that you want to address with a more robust effort, you can use many stones.

For example, medicine pouches are basically collections of many stones and perhaps other energetic items, like dried herbs.  The contents of the pouch usually represent a vibrational correction for some issue that can be worn, carried in a pocket, meditated with, or used in whatever way that puts the pouch in contact with your person.  It would be like subtle tones playing in the background of your energy field when you held them.  The contents of the pouch wouldn’t necessarily be organized into a system.  Think of them as just basic tones going on in the background.

Crystal or stone grids take the use and combination of many stones to provide a coherent and organized song that supports a particular vibrational outcome. They are put into a system where the stones interrelate. Additionally, the grid dynamic creates a fairly strong energy field through the use of sacred geometry that radiates outward from the grid.  It would be like projecting the song through the entire space. You do not have to be carrying the stones because the environment is now playing that song at an amplified volume.

Theoretically, grids operate in the same kind of way that music can set a mood or even create larger changes in the system. Think Mozart and brain development.  Grids are like using a stereo with bodacious speakers to pipe the desired music into your whole space 24/7.  You benefit in both passive and active ways.

That is the point. Grids organize many stones into a coherent system and then significantly amplify those energies. 

Now that you have learned the point, read on for the second post in this series!

******************************************************************************************************* You can download a FREE seed of life grid template here!

I truly enjoyed making this blog and revisiting Stacie's work. I will be posting a series over the next several days, so keep eye on your inbox and be sure to follow me on Instagram @thelemurianrose

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    Lisa, I’m really new at grinding so this is helpful. thanks for sharing 🌞

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