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Firefox Lemurians part 2-Metaphysical Properties

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If you are not familiar with the Firefox Lemurians, please see my first blog post  Firefox Lemurians, Naturally Beautiful. If you have already read that one--read on!

firefox Lemurian on fern moss

Until now, metaphysical information about the Firefox Lemurians has been slow to come in. I could share with you how they made me feel emotionally,  but I had not yet received inspired, clear information on their more general and specific metaphysical properties. However, as we move through the season of Autumn, their voices are resonating  with the fall colors that they already wear so well, and I am hearing their message more clearly.

firefox Lemurian

A few weeks ago,I was meditating with my Firefox Lemurians and was shown a fox with his tail on fire. I had specifically asked to receive guidance on the properties of the Firefox collective, and I immediately 'knew' his purpose with that tail was to ignite the soul’s passion. Confirmation soon followed when I shared this vision with my friend, @jennefaerious.  She, too, frequently saw a fox with his tail alight when she meditated with the Firefox!

A few days later, as I was taking  a walk and admiring the colors of the beautiful clear fall day all around me and I had an another interesting experience. I received the name for my house - Harmony. I also received the impression that her gender is feminine but, a very powerful feminine. As I continued to walk  it occurred to me that my house, with its darkly stained chocolate brown siding, and the trees all around it in brilliant red, orange, and gold colors, looked just like a Firefox Lemurian!

 house with fall leaves

Still, more information came. As I pondered this insight, I came to understand that the Firefox Lemurians are also representative of harmony. They ignite the soul’s passion, the soul’s purpose, and they assist that communication from the soul to the part of the self that navigates the physical realms. They help to harmonize that high-level information with grounded and practical application in our everyday life so it feels inspiring, life-giving, and soul feeding - not overwhelming. 

I also realized that the Firefox Lemurians themselves are a harmony. As a harmonization of two crystals they are not a hybrid but in fact, they are embodied harmony. If the Unity Lemurians were a choir, they would sing in unison. If the Firefox Lemurians were a choir, they would sing in harmony! They promote harmony within the self and with all beings. They acknowledge the beauty of differences, contrast, and the necessity of every single thread in the grand tapestry of life. They connect us to the greater, overlighting harmony of our world so that we come to peace with ourselves, in both our inner and outer worlds.

As most of you know I shared this find with Michelle at The Rock Cellar, and when she began working with them her first impressions of the Firefox were of warmth, coziness, and abundance. The feeling that all is well, and everything is right in the world.  For me, the whole idea of harmony echoes these sentiments. Her impressions were more kinesthetic, and mine were more auditory, but the comfort and balance of perfect harmony weaves its magic through all the senses in all the ways. 

In the spirit of the Firefox Lemurians, I wish you all a beautiful Fall season-- cozy and comforting, blessed with abundance and vivid warm colors, all in perfect harmony. May they ignite your soul's passion and sustain you through the year!

Japanese maple in fall foliage 

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