Golden Carambola Calcite

Golden Carambola Calcite

Golden Carambola Calcite is a small one time find that was discovered in mid 2021 in a granite mine in Curvelo, Minas Gerais, Brazil.  The first crystals to come out of this find were extremely high quality clear quartz clusters included with chlorite, and a few with pyrite as well.  Some had calcite inclusions, which  fluoresced bright orange under short wave UV lighting. It was not known that quartz crystals existed in this region, and it was very unusual for anything to be found intact at all, since this was a granite mine and it was worked by blasting. Even more remarkable, I later discovered that about 1/3 of the clusters were Lemurian!

chlorite included point

Chlorite included points with pyrite, first mining

I bought this entire group of chlorite included quartz, and about 2 weeks later I was shown a photo of a crystal that no one could identify.  It sparkled like golden glitter, and was extremely beautiful. My supplier told me no one could put it down, everyone was entranced by it, and just held it in wonder and awe. He told me it came from the same location as the chlorite phantoms I had purchased.  So I purchased this entire group of crystals and sent one off for testing. 

Testing revealed that this was a bladed calcite, with exceptionally well formed pyrite inclusions, including octahedral pyrite (which is pretty cool since I was guided to release on 8/8!).  As an added bonus it fluoresces a brilliant neon orange under short wave UV.  It was released on August 8th at 8 pm, at the peak of the lions gate portal in 2021, and sold out immediately.  Synchronicities were everywhere, and the magic just kept on coming.  During this time  Barbara Mouradian, the very gifted owner of , was in the process of blending a beautiful golden anointing oil for the new moon in Leo, and when I saw it I could hardly believe how much it looked like golden glitter stars in the Carambola Calcite. Her New Moon Leo Oil was the perfect companion for the Lions Gate Portal release of these crystals,  and she made a limited number of small bottles available so that I could I offer it as a companion for this incredible find. There was so much magic happening all around this combination, we knew it was meant to be!

What's In A Name? 

My supplier asked me if I was receiving a name for this material, and I was not. He mentioned that he kept thinking of the carambola fruit all the time, and wondered if it was the crystals dropping the thought in his head. This was pretty cool because this material looked like it was filled with golden stars, and the carambola is a gold colored fruit, also called Star Fruit. That worked for both of us.  So Golden Carambola Calcite was officially named by the person who is responsible for bringing it out into the world. There were a lot of wild synchronicities affirming the name --which I shared when I first offered this material. I just love it when the Universe speaks so clearly. 

The Story Of The Mine

I was told that there was not any more coming out, this was a one time find, and the mine was filling up with water. So I thought that was that.

BUT----There has been more! Some brave miners went diving and have literally rescued one last collection! I am overjoyed, to say the least. This group was more expensive to purchase due to the labor and risk involved, but it is extremely beautiful and very well worth it.  And as a bonus, a few pieces of the chlorite included quartz was also recovered.

The videos below show the mine filled with water, and the last one shows trucks bringing in dirt to fill in the mine completely. So this is truly the very last of this amazing material. The mine is permanently closed. 

This video shows the mine under water. This last collection I was able to secure was obtained by diving under water to rescue what could still be reached. In the last 30 seconds you can hear the miner explaining that there is not way to get to the material at present because the dirt above is sliding down and filling up the hole, and unfortunately there is nothing he can do about it. 


Another view of the mine covered in water.

This video shows trucks hauling in dirt and dumping it over the edge of the ravine to fill the mine and eventually cover it over completely.

The Energy Profile

Golden Carambola Calcite is definitely a solar plexus crystal, with very active abundance energies in every aspect.  It is about enjoying love and beauty in an opulent, wondrous, "over the top" kind of way. There is an accelerated sense of good things coming. There is a feeling of awe and deep appreciation that is invoked when gazing at this crystal. There is NOTHING more powerful for manifesting your hearts desire than radiating true appreciation, and Golden Carambola  Calcite makes that so easy you could not stop yourself if you wanted to!  Even the pieces that have very little or no golden glitter in them are very sparkly and glittery, and carry the same energy. 

Calcite is very cleansing, helping to remove blocks.  Golden calcite in particular is cleansing to the third chakra and is said to strengthen the will and promote self confidence, and to draw the golden light of divinity onto the earth plane. Calcite is also a strong amplifier, so the properties of the pyrite , a classic abundance crystal, are given a tremendous boost. 

Pyrite has a long history of use as a strongly protective crystal. Its cubic structure gives strength and stability to the aura, helping us to stand in our sovereignty. It is said to promote physical and emotional well being, and to foster wonder at the beauty of the natural world.  Again, the more we appreciate beauty in our lives the better our lives get!  So it makes sense that by fostering wonder and appreciation that the physical and emotional wellbeing that are our birthright are allowed to flow freely to us. Looking at this beautiful crystal is an experience that you never want to end.  It evokes a meditative state of timelessness---timeless beauty. 

Pyrite is said to aid psychic development , and to provide the energy to bring new ideas and concepts into fruition. So basically all those great intuitive hits and inspirations you get from working with it are effectively grounded via its cubic structure, AND you have the physical, mental, and emotional where-with-all to follow through. From my personal experience I can vouch for that. Just being around  Carambola Calcite leaves me feeling very inspired, as opposed to "motivated". Take a moment to close your eyes and feel those two words in your body.  Inspiration carries a much higher vibration than motivation. It brings joy into the process itself, and you do not want it to end.  Sound familiar? Just like gazing at this crystal! It makes doing things such a pleasure I have a hard time calling it work. Things flow with joy and ease and literally "the joy is in the journey".  

As you might suspect, Barbara has a strong connection to this crystal. Here are her comments:

Many people were disappointed when they missed the opportunity to purchase a piece of this. I am so happy to be able to offer it again!  The universe definitely provides in miraculous ways 🌟 

So there you have it! I look forward to hearing how you experience this crystal, please feel free to message me on Instagram @thelemurianrose or comment below.

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