Unity Lemurian-New Find Lemurian-The Lemurian Rose

Unity Lemurian

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I almost missed it, but it appears that there are many tiny pieces of druze completely enclosed within the outer golden covering! The lighting has to be just right to see them, but if that is the case this a true manifestation crystal.  I will leave it to you go decide since I cannot be positive. There is a very faint phantom, and the inner Lemurian has extensive etchings on it that are easily seen when the piece of lit from one side.  This one also has a deep imprint and a pronounced self healed tip (most of the Unities have either an elestialated or a self healed tip). And of course, an Isis face! 

For an overview of background and properties please see the main Unity Crystal Collection page (under Lemurians in the main menu). 

Measures 2.05 x 61 x .42 inches. Weighs 16 grams. 

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