Crystals That Make Your Heart Sing!
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1 Pink Lemurian grid set
Diamantina, MG, Brazil


11 Pink Lightning Strike Lemurian-244,459,465,175,9,13,14,18,18,18,52 Serra Do Cabral, MG, Brazil 1485
7 Lilac Lemurians-425,439,177,339,120,156,79 Sante Sé, Bahia, Brazil 1735
5 Pink Scarlet Temple Lemurian-14,39,37,62,32 Serra Do Cabral,MG, Brazil 184
1 Water Clear Tangerine Lemurian on matrix Diamantina, MG, Brazil 2200
1 Red Dragon Quartz  Amazonas, Brazil 265
1 Girasol hematiod quartz Skull Brazil 850
1 Citrine elestial Skull Araçuai, MG, Brazil 830
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