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Polished Shungite Sphere Stand
    Polished Shungite Sphere Stand

Polished Shungite Sphere Stand

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This is an polished black Shungite sphere stand. I just love these! They turn your sphere into a sculptural work of art, and the more shungite in the environment the better protection you will have.   I buy these directly from Russia. Since fakes are rampant, this assures that I have the real deal. 

Photo is a represenation, I will choose for you.

There are slight  irregularities on the polished surface of these, no big deal, just the way they came.
Measures approx. 5.5"across base and 4.5" to apex

Weighs approx. 260 grams  

 Keywords— detoxification, purification, emf protection, energy and immune system balancing, grounding

Chakra- root and earth star 

This information is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

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