Natural Lemurian Laser Wand

Natural Lemurian Laser Wand

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This is the crystal I would grab first  for any healing challenge.  A self healed laser wand, it has eight faces (a very unusual formation  associated with success, prosperity and abundance) with a time link on the right and on the left. It is absolutely water clear and a true warrior piece. At first glance the chips appear to be new from mining, but at magnification there are deep orange iron deposits over the chips. The only places that I see orange on this piece are where there are "wounds". The words "bleeding warrior" come to mind. It's mission is to provide comfort and healing on all levels and dimensions. It also has has a beautiful deeply etched glyphs on two sides, a starbrary (the Lemurian version of a Library) full of ancient healing wisdom.

There is a small chip on the lower face that is self healed--in pink! There is another just below, which appears to be  fresh.  It is possible that self healing is in process on the larger chip at the base as well but it is hard to tell. In any case this is a very special healing crystal.     Even though the warrior nature of  this crystal is what adds to its specialness, I have discounted it $15 due to the lower chip.  It is on the bottom 1/3 of the crystal and it does not detract from the energy or function in any way. But it is a larger chip,so I felt it was fair.  Also--I am not a Dr., nor do I play one on TV.  My opinion is not medical advice! It is based on personal experience, spiritual guidance, and metaphysical writings of other authors that I resonate with. 

Measures 3.75 x 1.5 x 1 inches. Weighs 81grams. Mined  November, 2016 in Cristalina, Goias, Brazil.

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