natural green obsidian point

Natural Green Obsidian Point

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This completely natural carved point from Brazil has beautiful color. It can appear as a light mint green to a medium emerald green, depending on your vantage point. The color is richest when viewed from above.  Natural green obsidian is very rare, and should not be confused with Gaia stone, which is man-made and much darker green.

Green obsidian is associated with the heart and throat chakra, and is said to inspire a peaceful, confident demeanor. Being a purifier,  It is also useful for removing hooks lodged in the heart chakra. I use green obsidian when I need to remain centered in my heart while relating to people who are reacting to stressful situations. It helps me remain open and receive the other person exactly where they are, while staying grounded  in my own peace.

This point measures 2 x 1 x .8 inches and weighs 44 grams.

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