Large Unity Lemurian With Multiple Manifestations-The Lemurian Rose-The Lemurian Rose

Large Unity Lemurian With Multiple Manifestations

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Here is an amazing one for you—super rare—this Unity has true free floating manifestations and there are too many to even count! Some are single and toward the inside of the crystal, and the rest are druze crystals that are completely enclosed under the golden jacket(scroll to the last pic to see an enlargement).  There is also something very interesting going on with the Lemurian inside, but I cannot quite tell what. Possibly it is twinned? I see what looks like facets about 1/2 way up, and this crystal is wide and heavy.  I will let you ponder it!

The phantom in this one is gorgeous, full length with hematite inclusions and a very pretty reddish and lavender cast to it at the top. The back is open at the base and there is a sprinkling of druze with hematite coloring on one side.  

For an overview of background and properties please see the main Unity Crystal Collection page (under Lemurians in the main menu).

Measures 2.17 x .78 x .62 inches. Weighs 27 grams. 

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