Dreamsicle Lemurian with Record Keepers-Lemurian-The Lemurian Rose

Dreamsicle Lemurian with Record Keepers

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This Dreamsicle has the most gorgeous record keeper! There are actually several record keepers, but the big one in the photo takes the cake.  The dreamsicle coating is fairly light, so the inside is visible and there are rainbows peeking out in there. This piece is in perfect condition, not a chip anywhere, and has a very interesting sprinkling of druze along one side of the barrel.

The following is from a reading by Judy Hall, author of "The Crystal Bible", and many other well respected crystal books:

Found close to the original Lemurian source, these rather large beauties are Strawberry Lemurians taken to another level entirely. Aptly named Dreamsicle, they positively shimmer with energy as they open portals to other worlds. Sugary-sand coated, they span so many dimensions it’s impossible to describe the energy. They act miniature space ships and I use them to anchor Star Being grids to bring forward information from before our universe came into being. Very effective for scrying when they contain clear ‘windows’, they contain profound wisdom and soul guidance and, like the Strawberries, they ground the information into this dimension so that we can act upon it.

Measures 3.08 x 1.44 x 1.40 inches. Weighs 102 grams. 

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