Diamantina Lemurian Starbrary—Double Terminated Starbaby Twin

Diamantina Lemurian Starbrary—Double Terminated Starbaby Twin

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This is a truly amazing formation. The main crystal is double terminated, but there is a little twin that has wrapped herself around the side and formed a new base over half of the main crystal, so the rest of the double terminated end is visible inside! There are comet trails on two of the three exposed sides of the twin, truly this is a little gift from the stars who has found her mother crystal. The melding of these two is so complete the markings actually overlap at the edges and the face of the twin is easily mistaken for a typical Lemurian "step" on the side.

I see eight facets on the main crystal, making this an abundance and prosperity formation. Two of these facets are a double time link to the right.  I am seeing a lot of these in this group, there is something very important going on here. A time link is a relatively rare formation, and a double is practically unheard of. But in this very special group of Lemurians  rarities are turning up everywhere I look. It feels like there is a capability of the double (right) time link to not only access the creative aspects of mind toward future endeavors, but to translate them into the next logical step to keep the momentum going. 

For clarification on any of these terms, please see my blog post "Crystal Shapes and Meanings"

Measures 2.74 x .57 x .92 inches.  Weighs 34 grams. Mined in September 2019.

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