Lemurian Flash Sale--Small Points!

Mouse over the video for the play button, full screen option is in the lower right hand corner (Use full screen to show the scroll bar).

Pro tip-To see what is still available prior to viewing the video, go to the Flash Sale Items page.

This is a place to catch a "live sale" on the fly at your convenience,  and if you have a  slow internet connection this is a great way to be able to secure the piece you want and avoid the frustration of 'live sale lag' when trying to claim that special piece.  You can easily see what is still available by looking at the corresponding Flash Sale Items page. All items are listed in order on the grid so you can navigate through the video quickly to the piece you want to see. 

I hope this little brainstorm is fun and helpful to you! Let me know your thoughts--this is a grand experiment and I am improving things as I go along.