Strawberry Lemurian Crystal

Strawberry Lemurian with Circular Record Keeper

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Also called Scarlet Temple Lemurian and Strawberry Fire Lemurian.

This crystal has amazing geometric forms on it--circles, squares, triangles, and lines.  There is a large raised circle smack in the middle of the front face, and it is filled with record keepers!  A square is indented into one of the side walls, and there are some very interesting soft wavy lines that appear to be etched in the sides, but they are actually under the surface. Interesting! Lots of information encoded in this little beauty. 

Strawberry Lemurians  have all the spiritual information and codes that are typical of Lemurian Seed crystals with an added benefit. The hematite that gives them their lovely color  also serves to ground the spiritual information encoded within the crystal  and assists with integration of the energies on the earth plane. The color can range from pale pink to dark red, and in my experience the darker the colors are distinctly more yang energetically.  Judy Hall suggests meditating with a pink one in the receptive hand and a red one in the sending hand--cool!  According to her website these crystals are superb energy re-chargers and are great for boosting self confidence.

This is a very special crystal with quite a story to tell the right person.

Measures 2.35 x 1.47 x .95 inches.  Weighs 82 grams.

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