Lithium Cluster With Muscovite-lithium quartz specimen-The Lemurian Rose

Lithium Cluster With Muscovite

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This is a large and beautiful lithium cluster from Minas Gerais, Brazil with plated layers of muscovite and hematite. Lithium Quartz is a trade name to describe this particular type of included quartz, often with phantoms,  which are usually gray, pink, or lavender in color and emit a sweet calming energy.  Powerfully soothing, calming, and stabilizing, Lithium Quartz has a very gentle yet potent effect due to the amplifying qualities of the quartz.

I cannot say for sure how much lithium is in this piece, and other inclusions that cause color variation could be manganese, aluminum, iron and/or kaolinite.  In any case,  the cocktail that the lithium creates with the other included minerals is a very nice energy indeed. There is a definite quality of sweetness that emanates from these crystals. 

Lithium quartz is said to be helpful to reduce stress and anxiety, and to assist with sleep. Muscovite is said to be a strongly protective stone, and very useful for people who have had a rapid psychic opening and wish to modulate the vast amount of information that may be flowing through, due to its balancing effect on the heart and crown chakras.  

Measures 6.61 x 4.18 x 2.20. Weighs 516 grams. 

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