Special Showings

This is a collection of pieces that have been shown by special request.  Since less than one percent of my inventory is listed, I am always happy to honor special requests, and I usually have exactly what you are looking for!  After the requester has made their selection, the video will go here so that the other pieces that were shown can be made available for to connect with their people.

Treat this page exactly as you would a Flash Sale.   Simply view the video, and then put the corresponding item in your cart and check out. Items are listed below the video(s).

Please note-Just to be clear, are no pictures with the items listed below, the pictures are all in the video. 

Thank you! 


Video 1-My smallest and least expensive Watcher is available again, it was here sister that was "The One"! 


Video 2- "Disco Elestials"  This is the entire collection,  and I have not seen any more coming out.  The single points were part of the same pocket.   Enjoy!


Video 3-I had a request for Watcher twins, and these are the only two. They were not shown in the Flash Sale.  Both have been released, so that part of their journey is complete. Now they are up so that they can find their true (human) companions, and much appreciation to the requester who got them this far!


 Video 4-Singing Lemurian Cathedral Laser Wands from Diamantina, with flowers on them!" Leilani Lemurians" (Leilani means heavenly flowers in Hawaiian, how perfect is that?) 


 Video 5- Large Red Dreamcoat Lemurians