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Elite Shungite Specimen
    Elite Shungite Specimen
    Elite Shungite Specimen

Elite Shungite Specimen

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This is Elite Shungite, the good stuff!  Elite shungite is very pure, and is brittle so you will not find it tumbled or carved. It has a beautiful silvery sheen. It is used by many, including myself, to purify and enhance water, and considered to be safe to place directly in water. Elite shungite is also great for EMF protection. A little goes a long way. It is also a very light weight mineral, so weights can be deceiving. 

NOTE-The less expensive black shungite is NOT for water purificaton, it contains pyrite and other impurities which are toxic (you do NOT want arsenic in your water!). Great for EMF protection, not great for water purification. The more you know.....

 Keywords— detoxification, purification, emf protection, energy and immune system balancing, grounding

Chakra-root and earth star

Measures 1.45 x 1.00 x .51 inches

Weighs 9 grams

This information is not intended to replace professional medical advice.

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