September 2020 Flash Sale

 As promised, here are the remaining largest Altas.  I will offer grid sets and the next size down in a second video,  and I will also be adding larimar in a separate video. The Altas LOVE larimar, and you will probably find it coming into your life now that Alta has joined your family. I bought this larimar when I originally began working with the Altas and learned of their strong affinity for it. I had an opportinity (fancy that, lol) to purchase some rough and I put in in the tumbler to polish it.  The smallest pieces are reserved to go out with each Alta when they are shipped as a companion, and just in case you do not have any you will have a tiny piece. But the larger pieces I will offer in a this months flash sale. Enjoy!


 Watch the video and make a note of what you are interested in, then find the corresponding number in the items listed below.  If you make the video full screen (the little icon in the right hand corner of the video) you will see a scroll bar Use this to fast forward to the area of the grid you are interested in, or re-watch to your hearts content!  Pro tip: Use  sort  and/or browse feature on this page to easily to locate the items you are looking for. 

 Sold items are automatically pushed to the bottom of the list every night.  As pieces are sold it is a good idea to check the items list first to see what is still available to avoid disappointment.  Have fun!  I hope this is a fun, informative, and relaxing way to crystal shop. 

Video 1  Alta- SOLD OUT

Please see the last 2 IGTV posts on my feed for background, properties,  and lab testing.

Video 2- Alta and Phantom Lemurian Twin- SOLD OUT


 Video 3- SOLD OUT Larimar, Alta sets and singles, and Unity Lemurians! I ended the video before I showed the "watcher" Lemurian, so I will do another video separately to show a couple, since I have had several requests. Have fun!

Video 4 - Called "The Watchers" by the Altas, these exquisite and rare  Lemurians have an exceptionally  beautiful Divine Feminine energy.  At the end of the video I have listed my 4 largest of the new Red Dreamcoats,  my largest remaining Larimar, and Alta and Larimar are available for an intuitive pick.