Pristine Natural Phantom Lemurian with Manifestations-Natural Lemurian Phantom Point-The Lemurian Rose

Pristine Natural Phantom Lemurian with Manifestations

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This stunning beauty comes from Cristalina, Brazil, and is completely unpolished, just as she came from the earth. She comes from a find in 2016, and no more like this have come out since. She is in absolutely pristine condition, which very unusual for a crystal of this size (over three pounds!), but that is only the beginning of her list of unusual features.

She has at least seven phantoms, which run from base to tip. The first few are more completely 3-D and pyramidal, subsequent phantoms grow fainter as they move up. She has many penetrators, inner children, but most amazing of all is she has multiple manifestations!   A true manifestation does not touch any side of the main crystal, and they are extremely rare. While she appears to be a definite channeler with a seven sided face, she actually has two seven sided faces, in a 7-3-7 configuration, making her an asymmetrical transmitter as well.

There are plenty of rainbows, a wonderful spiral inclusion at the top that looks like a strand of DNA, and I believe I see another manifestation (with rainbows) nested in the top curve of that spiral. Some very interesting joyful creation energy is going on here, no doubt about it. Creating the life of your dreams starting with rainbows in the DNA!  She also has prolific and deeply etched glyphs, and pretty pink hematite outlining the penetrators all along the back side of the barrel. And let's not forget the bright orange "beauty mark" on one side, she definitely knows who she is.

This piece is photographed under a variety of lighting conditions, including the video in natural sunlight, to give you an idea of the broad range of colors that are typical of a dichroic pink Lemurian. Please contact me if I can answer  any questions for you.

Measures 8.12 x 3.26 x 2.36 inches. Weighs 1396 grams.


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