Mini Pink Lemurian-The Lemurian Rose-The Lemurian Rose

Mini Pink Lemurian

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This little cutie is the smallest member of a family of Lemurians I bought that all have a similar and unusual structure. Most of the family groups have found their homes, and this one is a relative of the double terminated one that is also currently available. While they do not have to go as a group, you might want to check that one out too, since they are relatives. 

The faces on this one are polished and the sides are natural, there is a beautiful crater and a typical self healed base. She is absolutely crystal clear, with 3 frosty sides and nice Lemurian lines. The cloud like glyphs are very interesting on this piece, they are actually formed in negative space! The glyphs are clear, and the surrounding frostiness is what creates the outline of it.  Super cool.

 From Cristalina, Goiás, Brazil  

 Measures 2.83 x .79 x .92 inches. Weighs 38 grams. 

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