Dendric Agate Palm Stone-Palm stone-The Lemurian Rose

Dendric Agate Palm Stone

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What a happy face! This beautiful hand polished palm stone is from Madagascar.  It has nice areas of translucent chalcedony and some really cool orbs, bulls eyes, and little druzy pockets. It also has rainbows and a great smiley face! I use dendric agate when I need to get to the root of a problem. It has been a very insightful stone to work with . And I have appreciated its stabilizing and soothing vibration.  I find it very supportive when persistence is called for.It is a slow and steady worker, so use it daily over the long haul.  It is also a great sleep stone.  

Measures 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.13 inches. Weighs 216 grams.

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