Unity Lemurian Grid Set

Unity Lemurian Grid Set

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Here is a great grid set of Unity warriors, in various stages of self healing.  Some wounds look fresher than others, but this is a pattern I am seeing and definitely evidence of earth movements, not mining trauma. The points are all intact, and they all self stand! So you could use them directionally or upright, as you are guided,  Phantoms, druze, and imprints are all present in this set. 

Since Unities are a complete and balanced energy system unto themselves, they are very particular about how they are combined when gridding.  I have found they do best by themselves, with other lemurians, or with amethyst. Remember that they are 3 different crystals in one, plus other inclusions, so you are already working with a synergy of elements, each one is already a perfect grid.

You will find a wonderful amplification of the energy when you activate a grid of Unities, especially with the warrior energy that this set has. These are large points, and this set reflects a 60% quantity discount over buying each point separately!

Each piece measures just under 1 inch long,(.8-.9") and  weighs 7-8 grams.  The complete set weighs 43 grams. 

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