Unity Lemurian--Grounder

Unity Lemurian--Grounder

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This is a large one, and a really interesting one too! There is an intriguing  tattoo style record keeper on the main face, one is raised and the other below it is more "printed" on.  But what really got my attention is the rear face on this piece is a grounder! Eight sides! Even with the typical emapthic tip that the Unities have, it is easily discernible. The main face is a "chisel point Isis". Not an Isis in the strict sense of the word, since there are 6 sides, but the energy is there, and Isis faces are very common on the Unity Lemurians, so I consider this a variation on a theme.

There is a small imprint on the face, and a mossy green inclusion on one side.The base has a nice imprint that exposes the Lemurian inside, and an iron oxide or hematite inclusion on the very bottom. The etchings on this piece are prominent and very interesting! A different language than what is on the inner Lemurian.This one has a lot to say when she finds her person. There is a nice earthy feel added to the signature Unity energy. 

For an overview of background and properties please see the main Unity Crystal Collection page (under Lemurians in the main menu).  The promised blog post is almost ready, so stay tuned!

Measures 2.01 x .95 x 1.01  inches. Weighs 43 grams. Mined in 2019.


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