Unity Lemurian-The Lemurian Rose

Unity Lemurian

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Large and very unusual!
Two different styles of etchings on one piece, gorgeous deep orange hematite, and a complete imprint of the inner Lemurian face on the front. This piece has so many stories to tell, and seems to be a witness to perseverance to those who have an "impossible" dream. She is here to tell you nothing is impossible, your dream is always calling you forth to meet it, and somethings things just take time to be lined up just right. Of the entire group of Unities I have, this one is the only one who gives me that old and wise soul feeling, like the beautiful lines on a very old face. An ancient feel.

For an overview of background and properties please see the main Unity Crystal Collection page (under Lemurians in the main menu).  An extensive blog post is coming soon!

Measured 2.92 inches long, weighs 42 grams.

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