Natural Lemurian Singing Phantom Laser Wand

Natural Lemurian Phantom Laser Wand--Singing!

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I did a brief reading on this crystal, and the dominant themes that kept reappearing were all about rebirth, re-commitment, new promise, and inspiration. This crystal sings of new beginnings, in the most joyful and unlimited sense of the word. Also coming up is the process of achieving goals and the altruistic giving of self to something greater than one’s personal self. This crystal seems to be speaking, or rather singing, strongly of a new earth. It would be a wonderful crystal to work with for relationship issues of any kind: personal, planetary, or inter-dimensional. Or, an incredible wedding or new baby gift! Combined with the natural unity consciousness energy of all Lemurians and the symbolism of the phantoms, this makes for a powerful co-creative partner to support letting go of the past, moving forward, and transformation beyond your wildest dreams. This beauty is definitely looking for someone special.

And what a beauty she is. There is a sense of profound feminine wisdom radiating from deep within, and she sings like an angel.  The predominant color is a light smoky color, but it is dichroic so, depending on the light, it can appear pinker or even citrine. In addition, this configuration is a Dow, which means that it has 7-3-7-3-7- facet pattern. Specifically, it is a Shaman Dow, according to the late Jane Ann Dow. The Dow formation resonates to the Christ consciousness, and the phantoms (I have counted 5 so far) give it the Shaman Dow designation. It is a Singing Smoky Shaman Dow. Say that three times fast! Or, better yet, sing it!

There are rainbows at the base, a key in the back, and beautiful brushwork glyphs. The phantoms are 3-D—like a mountain with clouds—and they run the full length of the crystal. It is unusual and beautiful when phantoms extend this far within the crystal.  The white dreamsicle coating on the back is laminated within the crystal. At the base, there are nice imprints on the front and back. There is a self-healed chip on the back in the early phases of the healing process. The top is almost perfectly clean. I can see two small chips under magnification. It is difficult to find a completely natural, unpolished Lemurian in such wonderful condition. This is a real treasure. Please see the photos for detail. Measures 7.9 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches. Weighs 406 grams. Mined in Cristalina, Goias, Brazil in November 2016

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