Natural Lemurian Seed Crystal with Multiple Phantoms and Record Keepers

Natural Lemurian Seed Crystal with Multiple Phantoms & Record Keepers

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Rainbows and phantoms and record keepers, oh my! It doesn’t get much better than this.

This astonishing crystal has record keepers on two faces! Check out the photos. I about fell over when I found them. One face has a large, perfect triangle right-side up, front and center, surrounded and filled with trigons, which are upside-down triangles. The other face has one large and two smaller upright triangles. Lemurians tend to have their records on their sides. This one is advertising itself pretty heavily with such a rare formation literally in your (and its!) face.

I did a short reading on this crystal, and it’s resonating consistently with themes of balance, focus, and walking between the worlds. Being a master matrix crystal, it seems to be revealing itself as a master healer as well. Its forte is supporting its partner in grounding high-level healing to the planet and maintaining the supreme focus that is necessary for this work. As the master of yin and yang, not a victim of it, it provides support to harness and guide natural forces for healing through focus, wisdom, and vigilance. This crystal is most likely looking for a special someone in the healing arts.

This is a completely natural, unpolished point. Totally natural Lemurians are highly desirable and sought after by collectors and light workers alike. Because it’s difficult to find pieces that are in such pristine condition and that don’t require any polishing at all, they are quite rare. This beautiful point has two strong phantoms that look like a 3-D mountain landscape and two more faint phantoms that hover above the mountain. It has a luscious, pink-blush coloring, which is dichroic, which means it changes depending on the type and angle of the light. It has a lovely watery feel to it: like looking at a mountain through soft pink champagne.

In addition to having the most striking record keepers that I’ve seen in a long time, it is a Shaman Dow, which means that it has phantoms plus a 7-3-7-3-7-3 facet pattern that resonates the Christ consciousness. On the back, a nice imprint is so deep that you can actually touch the inner phantom. It’s like touching a bare soul: an amazing experience.  There is a really cool groove going up one side, too, obviously put there on purpose. There is so much going on in this crystal! It is a Starbrary with Pleiadian brushwork-style glyphs. Stay tuned, I will blog about all these terms! And, of course, it has rainbows. May as well have it all, right?

This master crystal has with libraries upon libraries of wisdom to share with its special person. There is a chip on the back, just above the imprint. It has a few tiny chips on the facets: nothing significant enough to warrant buffing and disturbing any of the natural markings.

This is another of the hard-to-find smaller pieces that offer the incredible complexity more often found in only much larger pieces. A great opportunity for the right person. Measures  4.9 x 2 x 1.4 inches.  Weighs 347 grams. Mined in Cristalina, Goias, Brazil in November 2016.

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