Strawberry Dreamsicle Lemurian-The Lemurian Rose

Strawberry Dreamsicle Lemurian

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Also called Scarlet Temple Lemurian and Strawberry Fire Lemurian.

This is a large point with a very thick frosty Dreamsicle coating. Absolutely gorgeous! . Dreamsicle Lemurians are very hard to find and sell out quickly, so if you have been looking for one of your very own this is your chance.

Strawberry Lemurians  have all the spiritual information and codes that are typical of Lemurian Seed crystals with an added benefit. The hematite that gives them their lovely color  also serves to ground the spiritual information encoded within the crystal  and assists with integration of the energies on the earth plane. The color can range from pale pink to dark red, and in my experience the darker the colors are distinctly more yang energetically.  Judy Hall  suggests meditating with a pinkish, feminine crystal in the receptive hand (which is the left for most right handed people), and a more intense red masculine crystal in the sending hand (the right hand for most right handed people).

I tried this myself and it was very profound. I felt super well grounded, and simultaneously in a perfectly balanced state of incredible expansion. Highly recommended! According to her website these crystals are superb energy re-chargers and are great for boosting self confidence and helping us to embody our souls' passion on our earth journey.

This is Judy Halls take on the Dreamsicle aspect:

Found close to the original Lemurian source, these rather large beauties are Strawberry Lemurians taken to another level entirely. Aptly named Dreamsicle, they positively shimmer with energy as they open portals to other worlds. Sugary-sand coated, they span so many dimensions it’s impossible to describe the energy. They act miniature space ships and I use them to anchor Star Being grids to bring forward information from before our universe came into being. Very effective for scrying when they contain clear ‘windows’, they contain profound wisdom and soul guidance and, like the Strawberries, they ground the information into this dimension so that we can act upon it.

 Measures 4.9 x 2.0 x 1.9 inches.  Weighs 364 grams.



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