All Lemurians

 Lemurian Seed Crystals (also called Lemurian Star Seeds if they have glyphs) connect to the consciousness of holographic unity. The consciousness we all share prior to "the fall".   These crystals are very present, very conscious, and ready to find their partner to share their gifts. 

Lemurians carry a profound connection to Divine Feminine wisdom, and just having them in the environment raises the consciousness of the whole area. They are not just "shelf pieces", however. Each one has a unique energy signature, and the resonance can be very strong when you connect to a Lemurian that complements your unique talents and is ready to work in a co-creative relationship with you.  Deep spiritual insight, ancient wisdom, and profound healing on all levels are just some of the gifts that come from working with a Lemurian Seed Crystal.

Some Lemurians are healers, some are story tellers of ancient history, and some are communicators of deep wisdom.  Some have many talents, and some have a very specific skill set.. Their story and innate abilities are literally written all over them. Their markings and configurations are deeply symbolic, and act like a billboard proclaiming their gifts so the right person will notice them and take them home.They all have work to do and they are ready to begin! Connecting with a Lemurian is an experience that is hard to describe, but one that you will never forget.