Water Clear Starbrary Laser Wand with Eight Facets

Water Clear Starbrary Laser Wand with Eight Facets

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 This beautiful laser wand displays the Muzo growth habit that is a characteristic of many Lemurians. It is completely natural and unpolished, water clear, and has wonderful glyphs etched in that look like soft mountains.  Some people see these as clouds, but I tend to call them mountains because they have a distinctive triangular shape to them. Like multiple soft record keepers

Of all the features this crystal exhibits, the most remarkable is that there are two time links at the tip, giving it a total of eight facets! This is a very rare formation. The symbolism of the number eight relates to infinity and a constant flow of power, abundance, and confidence. This crystal has a more yang feel to it, which is in line with its bright clarity and the relationship to personal power. This would be a great crystal to use to reconnect with and reclaim your personal power as a truly creative being. I love how the two time links (past and future) tie in with the infinity energy of the eight facets. There is an all encompassing wisdom here, on all levels and dimensions. A balance of spiritual wisdom and personal power.

I have photographed this piece in a variety of different lighting conditions, including outdoor direct sunlight, to give you an idea of its true color. It is a pink Lemurian, and there is a bit of hematite in the glyphs, but it looks completely clear in most light. There some pretty rainbows at the base, and one in the back that looks like a bubble (see close up photograph for detail) but is actually a circular rainbow. 

Measures 6.20 x 1.18 x 1.39 inches. Weighs 239 grams.

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