"Haseya" A Singing Light Saber-Natural Lemurian Phantom Point-The Lemurian Rose

"Haseya" A Singing Light Saber

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This is truly the ultimate light saber. Supremely feminine and elegant, the name Haseya popped in just as I began writing this description. So it seems she has named herself this evening.

Haseya is a Diné word meaning "to rise up", or "she rises".  The name is befitting, her light and long elegant lines seem to rise into infinity. To find a Lemurian of this size and in such wonderful condition is truly a gift.  Over 9 inches long and completely natural and unpolished, this crystal has beautiful phantoms, and on top of all that she sings! 

There are large dark rainbows and beautiful rainbow curtains in this beauty (There is a rainbow curtain in the middle and another in the base, see photos for detail). So far I see two well defined phantoms and many penetrators on the back side. The interior is incredibly icy water clear there are beautiful lines and starbrary glyphs on this piece. Technically speaking the Lemurian glyphs (etchings) are not called Starbraries, but I use this word anyway because it feels right. The wisdom of the stars is encoded here, whether or not it originated from  our solar system.

There is a lovely self heal on the front right and a very interesting imprint (crater) beside it with unusual markings.  This Lemurian is  dichroic, appearing pink or clear depending on the light. The pictures show this color variation, so be sure to scroll all the way through.  There is a very nice pink hematite inclusion on one side in the back, and  all of the little penetrators on the back are outlined in "hematite pink".

The angle of the base is such that this piece seats in the hand with clear intention. The weight pours directly into the palm with perfect balance, as if ready to be used as a light saber, and it transmits light very powerfully. If this beauty is yours, do be careful if you are out in the sun with her, the light is literally blinding when caught at the right angle, and I speak from experience.  This is a very powerful piece with a powerful purpose.  A light bearer in the truest sense of the word.

Weighs 1077 grams.  Measures 9.1 x 2.1 x 2.4 inches.

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