Natural Phantom Lemurian--Grounder, Singing! 🎶

Natural Phantom Lemurian--Grounder, Singing! 🎶

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This beautiful point is tall and elegant. It has multiple phantoms that run the entire length of the Crystal. There are two very dark and thick “dreamsicle“ type phantoms that run up the back, and several misty 3-D phantoms that run all the way to the tip (within less than 1/8 inch!). This Crystal has an EIGHT sided face. This formation is called a grounding crystal and it is a powerful mechanism to ground spiritual energies onto the planet. So far I have counted a total of nine phantoms in this beauty. There is a chip near the tip, which is not unusual for a 100 percent natural Lemurian, but please look at the photographs carefully.  

There is a very long and elegant imprint (sometimes referred to as a crater) on the front of this crystal that starts at the base and goes almost all the way to the lower rim of the main face.  It starts fanned out like a feather at the base and gradually tapers up to a fine point.  Long, graceful , and very beautiful . I see a few small rainbows,  and if you strum in just the right place with another crystal it sings very softly. There is also a very pretty penetrator crystal up near the face that extends well into the piece and flashes rainbows. 

All in all a very rare and unusual crystal.



 Weighs 1059 grams. Measures 8.63 x 2.79 x 1.69 inches. 

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