Natural Phantom Lemurian-Self Healed Channeller

Natural Phantom Lemurian-Self Healed Channeller

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This crystal is completely natural and unpolished, and has incredible personality in the imprints (also called craters). Combined with the self healed spot at the base they tell quite a story.

The front face has seven sides, making this crystal a channeller , and a gorgeous imprint that splits the middle base of the face. This imprint is absolutely beautiful with just a little hematite coating on the side. The  next imprint is very long and deep.  It exposes the inner crystal that forms the phantom.  A very unusual formation, which feels like touching the bare soul of the crystal. To be able to access this inner depth so far back in time is quite a moving experience. The imprint that runs down the side begins at the face, travels across the side exposing the phantom, and continues in a zigzag pattern all the way to the base.



There are well defined three dimensional phantoms, both white with a lovely pink hematite defining line that is exposed.   Another interesting thing about this crystal is that the phantoms have a chisel point and the crystal itself comes to a terminated point.  I see a few small rainbows, and there is a large golden colored self healed area at the base.  If I were to tell the story of this crystal, it feels like her soul was laid bare, she laid down a golden healer over her wounds, changed her mind completely about who she really was, and proceeded to reinvent herself to reach her highest potential and soul purpose.  A friend I would like to have on my journey!  This elegant lady has been there and done that, and now has great  beauty, wisdom and comfort to share. She wears her story with pride, judging from the deep cleft the imprint leaves in the middle of her pristine face. I did find a small chip right at the base on one side that I did not see when I made this video. Only one small chip and a completely clean face is outstanding condition for a natural Lemurian, especially of this size. 


Other notable features are a square shaped marking nestled within the Lemurian markings on one side, water clear interior and frosty exterior except for the very front shaft. The front shaft is crystal clear like a window, with Lemurian markings.  You are definitely meant to look inside! She is not shy about revealing her inner beauty and the depths of her soul. This one is a teacher of true freedom, living as soul with no concern for the opinion of others. The joy of the true self, unhindered. 


Measures 7.69 x 2.55 x 1.88 inches.  Weighs 776 grams.

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