Natural Lemurian Point with Phantoms

Natural Lemurian Point with Phantoms

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This majestic point is completely natural, and so far I have counted 9 phantoms! They run top to bottom, which is unusual for phantom crystals. The first two phantoms make a snow-covered mountain, and the rest are floating above the mountain. There are many small penetrator crystals—offering a bridge between the worlds—that look like a backdrop of stars over the mountain. Just gazing at the phantoms initiates a profound shift: a sort of visual download that is a palpable, felt sense. Phantoms are traditionally considered to be helpful for past-life and between-life work, but these offer so very much more. There is a palpable sense and realization of being more than you think you are. The mystery of the unlimited self is revealed.

The facets are configured in a 7-3-7 transmitter pattern, facilitating clear communication both to and from high-level guidance and the angelic realm.  It has beautiful rainbows, including a particular type of rainbow that I’ve named Heartbeat Rainbow, another characteristic I see in this particular family of crystals. The Heartbeat Rainbow is usually round and usually near the center (the heart chakra) of the crystal. When you move the crystal slightly, the circular rainbow grows larger and smaller, and it looks like a beating heart. So beautiful, and such a teaching about showing our true selves unveiled. It has gorgeous Pleadian  glyphs and a time link on the right. Time links are an extra facet (for a total of seven on this piece, instead of the typical six) that offers access to the future and the past. Being on the right side of the crystal, this time link connects to future. There is an interesting veil at bottom, possibly self-healed.

Most of the pieces I have with this much complexity are quite large, so this is a great opportunity to have an outstanding piece without the larger price tag.

This crystal is in beautiful condition, with only a few tiny chips in facets. Measures 4.8 x 1.5 x 1 inches. Weighs 200 grams. Mined in Cristalina, Goias , Brazil in November 2016.

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