Diamantina Lemurian Starbrary Cluster--Point/Counterpoint!

Diamantina Lemurian Starbrary Cluster--Point/Counterpoint!

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This is by far the most unusual cluster I have ever seen. There are two crystals joined together and the smaller one is completely upside down! Heads and tails all on one piece!  This was such a startling discovery-- I thought the crystal was right side up and was just broken off at the tip and self healed.  But noooooo, these ladies are totally doing their own thing.

To explain further, both pieces have self healed bases, and the base of the smaller crystal is straight up in the air.  When you turn this piece over there is a perfect little face visible at the bottom. The last two pictures show this clearly.

The main Crystal has a large time link to the right and a huge eight sided grounder face. There are a total of seven facets on the main crystal, actually eight if you count the double time link.There is a lot of forward motion and integration of new concepts going on with this one.  It appears that the smaller crystal is also a grounder. I also see a large double time link to the right on the smaller crystal so most likely it has eight  facets as well.  It  seems to be a mirror image of the larger crystal. It definitely has the same structure.

The main crystal  has a lovely crater on the back and deep starbrary markings (There are some who say lemurians are not starbraries, however, I do not subscribe to this theory).  The smaller crystal also has very deep etchings.  It is said that grounders help to anchor spiritual information to the planet on the physically manifested level.  This crystal has literally called down another crystal and grounded it headfirst onto the planet. Together as a cluster they are a serious teacher for grounding and balance of Yin/Yang, above/below/, etc.  It also feels like a teacher of truth and illusion-- and begs the question "which end is really up?" It’s all in how you look at it. This cluster is a master teacher of perspective and honesty and clarity, and serves to ground this information into the very cells of the person who works with it. It is an incredibly rare formation and a privilege to work with. 

Measures 2.93 x 1.52 x 1.00 inches.  Weighs 87 grams. Mined September 2019. 

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