Pink Smoky Isis Lemurian-Double Terminated-polished lemurian-The Lemurian Rose

Pink Smoky Isis Lemurian-Double Terminated

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This is an incredible piece! There is so much going on here I hardly know where to begin. The color is a wonderful light pink/smoky, and I have photographed in several different lighting conditions to show the range of dichroic color variation.  Several other crystals are visible growing inside, creating multiple rainbows. If dust or sediment had settled on these as they grew this crystal would have pyramidal phantoms.There are two time links, giving  a total of eight facets (eight facets are associated with prosperity, growth, and the balance of spiritual and material pursuits).  And if that is not unusual enough, if you look very carefully you can see at least two more Isis faces in addition to the main one for a total of three.

I first though she was self healed, but it appears there is just such a perfect blending of souls here they have become one. What would have been a twin or triplet formation is completely enclosed inside the main crystal, safe and warm and beautiful. There is also a little side car being  engulfed. This would be called a consumption crystal, and I see at least three inner crystals visible inside, softly defined. This is a crystal that knows how to nurture and keep those dear to her safe while they grow, while living in complete harmony. 

Being double terminated she has an independent nature, even though she cares for so many! There are nice imprints at the base, lovely glyphs and etchings, and a strong effort to double terminate. Please see the photos for details on the base facets. This beautiful Smoky Isis is partially polished, I see only a light buffing on 2 of the faces, the rest appears natural. Most of these features are considered quite rare, so this is quite a collection of unusual characteristics--all on one piece!

Weighs 215 grams.  Measures 4.11 x 1.62 x 1.54 inches. 

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