August Flash Sale

Hydrothermal Etched Lemurians (aka Dissolution Quartz)

Rough Lepidolite

Green Phantom Lemurians

Polished Dreamcoat Lemurians

If you love a good live sale but have slow internet (or just don't like the pace of a live) this is a dream come true for you.  Watch  the video at your leisure,  and enjoy a really good look and description of each crystal. There are usually little surprises here and there, tidbits of information, etc. 

There are several offerings for this sale,  so sit back and enjoy!  Watch the video and make a note of what you are interested in, then find the corresponding item numbers of the crystals listed below.  If you make the video full screen (the little icon in the right hand corner of the video) you will see a scroll bar Use this to fast forward to the area of the grid you are interested in, or re-watch to your hearts content!  Pro tip: Use  sort  and/or browse feature on this page to easily to locate the items you are looking for. 

AND--A Word to the Wise-- Placing an item in your cart does not reserve it.  It is available until paid for.  That is just the way the software works, but it helps to know these things!

 Sold items are automatically pushed to the bottom of the list every night.  As pieces are sold it is a good idea to check the items list first to see what is still available to avoid disappointment.  Have fun!  I hope this is a fun, informative, and relaxing way to crystal shop. 

 Video 1-- EDIT-As I have spent more time with these magnificent pieces, I am definitely picking up Lemurian energy from them. I will never claim a piece to be Lemurian if it is not my personal take on the energy, and I always prefer to err on the conservative side to avoid over pricing and to be completely transparent. In the video I state that I did not get a Lemurian vibe from them, and at the time that was true! But I am amending that statement now.  I am not changing the pricing, so enjoy a fantastic deal!  Six large and beautiful pieces of hydrothermally etched quartz, also called dissolution quartz.  Possibly with lightning strike, and some of them sing!

Video 2- Beautiful, colorful, and glittery rough lepidolite. This is the mica form, and several have tourmaline and beryl in the matrix  Largest pieces (read HUGE) are shown first.  Plenty of lithium, perfect for these times!