Amethyst Point with Stand-Amethyst Point-The Lemurian Rose

Amethyst Point with Stand

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I just love amethyst. It is such a soothing and spiritual stone.  It resonates with the crown chakra, and is said to be very helpful in breaking addictions.  It has a particular history of use in overcoming alcoholism, which makes sense when you think about it. Alcohol is referred to as spirits, and the relaxing effect of alcohol can be seen as a substitute for spiritual peace.  Amethyst opens and supports the crown chakra, allowing true peace to enter.  

This point easily slides out of its stand. The stand is a little wobbly, I would recommend a piece of poster putty underneath it if it will be in a place that it might be disturbed.  I like to wire wrap these points so they stand up, but it is not industrial strength! 

This point is a warrior. It has a large chip on the face, please see photo for detail.    It has 2 gorgeous iron phantoms inside, and purple phantoms as well.  I  looooove phantoms!  They take me into a meditative state just looking at them. This point would be very useful for helping to resolve past life issues  connected to addiction, and for overcoming obstacles along the path to recovery. It has been there, done that, and it does remember! It comes from Africa, and in the stand it measures 2.5 inches high.

 Actual dimensions are 1.75 x 1.25 x 1 inches. Weighs 32g including stand.

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