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Encore and Curtain Call! -Alta and Blue Tara

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Encore, encore! You asked for more and here they are. For those of you who have issues with live sales, this one is for you. Our live sale last week with the new Altas sold out completely, and I so happy to be able to offer more to you in this format.  Alta is happy to take a bow, they do love all the applause 😉. These Altas put the "Ra" in Alta-Ra, which was the original name the Altas gave for their collective. Please see the informative videos on the original Alta collection page for more information on these highly conscious crystals. Thank you for loving these amazing beings, I am honored to be mother and midwife to them and I am so happy to see them off into the world to bring joy, healing, and really fun companionship to their people!

Blue Tara is also offered in this collection of videos. These new Altas pair very well with Blue Tara. Blue Tara is an extremely peaceful and soothing stone, with strong connections to the oceans. In combination with the new Altas, I am also seeing a lot of synchronicities with Orcas. I am excited to see how this all unfolds, and I look forward to hearing your experiences with them.  Feel free to tag me or message me on Instagram with your stories, and be sure to check out the highlights on my bio under Alta for more magical happenings.


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Alta info and large pieces

Alta group A and B 

Alta group C and D

Blue Tara-all colors, singles, grid sets, and a surprise!