9/21/21 live sale

If you are paying for your live sale day one listing, thank you--you are in the right place!

PLEASE READ, THIS COULD SAVE YOU MONEY- It is best for my bookkeeping if you pay each invoice as it is posted. Since there will be three sales this week (!), if you plan to purchase again over these next few days and do not reach free the $75 threshold for free shipping today please checkout as usual and pay shipping, then use the code ADDTOORDER at checkout for any subsequent orders. This code will waive further shipping charges.  I will combine your orders and refund you if they reach free shipping (This works both ways, for example if you reach free shipping today, but not the next day, use the code and I will combine for your no charge).  It is also very helpful if you leave me a note at checkout in the text box, that makes double sure I see any tags associated with your order. If you have any questions feel free to message me. Thank you! 


Pele's Dream/Black Lemurians

Golden Dreamcoat Lemurians

Red Dreamcoat Lemurian grid sets

Unity Lemurians

Pink Amethyst